Get Relief From Credit Card Debt Medical Bills and Unsecured Loans


There is no cost. Debt counselling and credit counselling are free.

There is no difference. The terms "credit counselling" and "debt counselling" both refer to the process of exploring options to help you get out of debt, increase savings and take control of your financial future.

The initial credit counselling or debt counselling session usually takes about an hour, possibly less or more depending on your situation.

No, an appointment is not necessary. The DebtAid professionals are standing by to serve you by phone. However, appointments are required for in-person services.

No problem. We can schedule an appointment for a more convenient time. Or you can just call us back when you have time to talk.

It will be helpful if you know how much you usually spend each month on living expenses such as utilities, food, gas, etc. We’ll also need to know how much money you and your spouse / financial partner bring home each month.

Yes, absolutely. We do not report information to the credit bureaus. And we will not share your information with anyone without your permission. If you begin a debt management program, we will obtain your consent before we propose payment arrangements to your creditors.

If you need help getting out of debt, don’t worry – we offer 100% Free Credit & Debt Counselling.